My Story


Introverted - A brand for all the people who want their clothes to do all the talking.

Who am I?

Hi! My name is Kwesi Rodgers, and I'm the owner of Introverted. A clothing brand dedicated to all introverts and people of few words who want their basic clothing items, like sweat suits, hoodies, beanies, and T-shirts, to be more than just basic. 

Every clothing piece on my website has a message and meaning behind it, both superficial and metaphorical. My brand is ideal for those who want their clothing to be comfortable but should also be meaningful. I started Introverted, so people don't have to choose between impactful and comfy clothes, as they will get the best of both worlds with my clothing range.

How it all started

Before moving towards the other important aspects of the brand, let's discuss how it all started to understand why I started Introverted in the first place.

Every brand has its unique story, and the same goes for my brand, Introverted. I'm genuinely proud of my story and want to share it with my beloved Introverted family.

My quest to create clothing items that are unique, different and meaningful started at a tender age. But this passion was not ignited by a love for fashion or clothing but from a place of being uncomfortable in my own skin and then slowly coming out from my shell of insecurities and thinking of creating something that will inspire people. It has been an epic journey! 

My battle with body dysmorphia and teenage troubles

My war with my appearance started at a young age. Whenever I think about the good old days of childhood, the most vivid memory that pops into my mind is seeing my teeth get worse with each passing day in the same mirror. I was already struggling a lot with my teeth insecurity. When another thing came as a blow and shattered all the remaining confidence, I had. I was going through the worst time of my life because of my teeth, and a year later, I got a bald spot, even before I hit my teens.

Teenage is usually very messy and chaotic but unarguably the best time of every person's life. You start feeling different on physical, emotional, and mental levels. Even though that change can be overwhelming sometimes, you start loving your life and wake up every day with new energy, but that didn't happen with me. 

Instead of loving life, I started to hate it. During the years in which people enjoyed the best time of their life, I used to stay up at night. My mind used to be filled with pointless and uncontrollable questions like "Why my life had to change before it even began?", "Is this how I will be living my life, feeling like a prisoner in my own body?". With each passing day, I was sinking deeper and deeper into body dysmorphia. It was to the point I became very depressed and even suicidal.

Words are overrated!

Nothing was making sense to me. I tried taking help from people as things were getting out of my hand, but that's when I realized what it feels like to be alone in a crowded room. There were so many ears, but no one could listen to what I wanted to say. There were so many mouths, but none could utter a single word that could comfort me. No one could understand or truly listen whenever I tried to talk and communicate how I felt.

The only person I could talk to was myself, and that's when I realized words and talking are overrated.

The transition from self-loathing to inspiring people

Things were getting harder and harder, and I was losing all hope, but one day, it hit me.

Maybe I was put here to change the world and inspire people. Maybe I can be the person to break this generational curse and help others do the same. I had struggled with not being able to describe my emotions for years, but maybe I can help people put their emotions out without feeling the pain or rejection of not getting a response that you normally feel when someone does not respond to you. I wanted to create meaningful shirts that would put people's emotions out there in a subliminal way.

So, I made this brand called Introverted. A brand that only has one purpose of making people feel comfortable and at peace with themselves. I want people to be free, explore, never stop learning, and not let anyone else stop them from getting to where they want to be. 

This marks the beginning of Introverted!

I have been discovering so many new things since I started this journey, and I can't wait to hear yours.